Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an electrical repair for my property?

If you’re inquiring, the likely answer is yes. Contact A.R.E. Louisiana, for an assessment. Common indicators of an electrical issue include flickering lights, non-functional outlets, and tripped circuit breakers.

Can you respond urgently?

Electrical issues can arise any time. We offer prompt services to the LaPlace community. For emergencies, dial (985) 652-6795.

Is a buzzing noise from my electrical panel a concern?

Potentially. While some electrical panels naturally emit a faint buzzing due to vibrations, other causes, like a loose wire or a malfunctioning circuit breaker, are concerning and require expert attention

My electricity is out. What steps should I take?

First, check with your LaPlace electricity provider for any ongoing maintenance. If the issue is exclusive to your property, contact us for immediate help.

What's the cost for ceiling fan installation?

The price varies based on the specific requirements, such as the presence of existing wiring. We provide estimates after understanding the details of your project.

Why is my circuit breaker constantly tripping?

A frequent reason is an overloaded circuit, often caused by many appliances using the same line. Determine the power draw on the trip time and contact us for a resolution.